"How we spend our days, is, of course, how we spend our lives."

— Annie Dillard



Margret is a self-taught visual artist based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

When she's not cutting, pasting and slinging paint around, you can find her outside exploring local trails and the Lake Michigan shoreline, cooking, swimming, or reading.

She works out of The Arts Mill studios in Grafton, WI.

My Process

Margret creates abstract works in acrylicand mixed media. She makes monoprints with a gel printing plate, acrylic paint,and unconventional tools including bamboo skewers, bubble wrap, combs, Nerfdarts, screen, dental floss, and forks. Margret then cuts pieces from hundredsof these papers to create mixed media collages, which often reflect theorganic shapes and marks of tree branches, leaves, tall prairie grass, beachglass, and river rocks. Margret creates intuitively, trusting that thepiece will evolve from the process of doing, and not planning.  


May 2019 - The Arts Mill, The Big Exhibit, Grafton, WI
April 2019 - Var Gallery, 30x30x30 Exhibition, Milwaukee WI
March 2019 - Urban Ecology Center, SWAN exhibit, Milwaukee WI
Dec 2018 - Var Gallery, Milwaukee WI
Nov 2018 - Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend WI
Nov 2018 - Art Bar, Milwaukee WI
Nov 2018 - Andare Sports, Bayside WI

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